RISE Egypt is hiring

RISE Egypt is hiring for several key positions. We are looking for qualified, dynamic, thoughtful leaders willing to roll up his/her sleeves to work with our small but growing team. 

RISE supports entrepreneurship for development in Egypt, leveraging a global network of domain experts, researchers, and investors to deliver high quality technical assistance to growth-stage social entrepreneurs in Egypt through its cutting edge fellowship program. RISE additionally is growing a think tank arm to link cutting edge research to its capacity-building work, and we plan to launch ‘Solution Summits’ in the coming year to facilitate synergies in sector-specific innovations that leapfrog progress in key areas (e.g. education, environment, workforce development). RISE also recently launched a Global Ambassadors Program, leveraging Egyptian diaspora leaders around the world to organize local events and global knowledge networks that connect back to our programming on the ground.

RISE Egypt values passion, integrity, excellence, respect and collaboration. When hiring, we put these values front and center.

We invite you to consider the open positions below and apply to join our team if you believe you are the right fit! Applicants should send a cover letter and CV to [email protected] with the name of the position in the subject line.

Research Associate - Educate Me Impact Evaluation

The RISE-EM Research Associate will work with the RISE team to analyze recently collected data regarding program effectiveness for Educate Me’s community school model. This includes data from students, parents, and teachers. 

The RISE-EM Research Associate must have the following characteristics, skills and abilities:

  • Data analysis skills with an ability to model data appropriately and do statistical analyses, preferably using Stata;
  • Literature review skills with a clear understanding of how to search scientific databases to find literature that has been published related to the work we are doing in early childhood education and integrate knowledge acquired from key literature into modeling procedures;
  • An ability to work independently, taking responsibility for self-managing time and ensuring that high-quality work products are delivered on time for review and feedback;
  • A positive, easy-going personality, able and willing to adapt and work with a team across borders.

Specific responsibilities of the position include:

  • Analysis of Educate Me’s community school data
  • Reporting on data analysis findings
  • Conducting literature reviews as needed
  • Create slide deck to communicate findings
  • Write up report to communicate findings

Research Associate

Research Associates (RAs) will be responsible for building a unique literature to support the entrepreneurship and development ecosystems in Egypt, with research spanning across different sectors depending on our strategic area of focus (e.g. 2017 we will focus on education). RAs will work closely with the RISE President on building a strategy for expanding the think-tank arm of the organization. Some RA time will also be dedicated to working on consulting projects, leveraging the internal know-how developed in the think-tank to support M&E development, impact metrics, and program evaluations for social enterprises in Egypt.

We are looking to hire 4 Research Associates.

The RISE Research Associate should have the following characteristics, skills and abilities:

  • Strong knowledge of research processes including literature reviews, analysis of scientific literature, and understanding of research design concepts
  • Ability to decipher scientifically valid findings from studying gray literature or popular culture; ability to cohesively build arguments based on the scientific literature and consolidate information into briefs for the public and other relevant stakeholders
  • Ability to communicate effectively with researchers as well as other stakeholders including policy shapers, innovators/social entrepreneurs, and investors/philanthropists 
  • Quantitative data analysis a plus, including knowledge of Stata
  • Qualitative analytical skills a plus including experience conducting focus groups, coding interviews and consolidating qualitative findings into concrete areas of scientific exploration
  • Strong written skills, including experience writing both scientific papers and reports as well as writing for public consumption (e.g. briefs, blogs, etc)

Knowledge Network Manager

The Knowledge Networks Manager will be a key role in the RISE Think Tank, working to organize strategic partnerships and stakeholders in Egypt and globally, by sector. For example, in the lead up to RISE Egypt’s 1st Solutions Summit on Education, the Knowledge Networks Manager would be responsible for working with RISE Global Ambassadors, institutional partners, and individuals to organize our access to global resources in the education sector, as well as outreach to new actors as deemed useful for the work. The goal of the Knowledge Networks Manager will be to create effective systems to organize diverse global network resources and leverage them to effect on the ground through various programs and activities RISE Egypt conducts through our think tank and various programs for social enterprises in Egypt.

The Knowledge Network Manager should have the following qualities, skills and abilities:

  • Ability to work closely with RISE Global Ambassadors and Program Manager to organize our current global network into domain areas, and develop new ways for engaging global knowledge networks effectively
  • Outreach to new potential institutional partners and domain experts to recruit them into our knowledge networks
  • Recommend experts to join programming relevant to their respective knowledge domain areas (e.g. education experts to join our 1st RISE Solutions Summit on Education in Dec 2017)
  • Engage directly with relevant stakeholders to assess needs and impact areas in which we may design programs and will be responsible for managing stakeholder relationships organized by knowledge domains
  • Experience conducting stakeholder analyses and reporting a plus
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in both Arabic and English

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager will be responsible for consolidating strategy of the organization into clear marketing goals that further the online and offline presence of the organization.

Specific responsibilities for the position include:

  • Working with Sustainability team to create a marketing plan that meets targets from multiple angles including brand awareness, network engagement, global partnerships development, sponsorships and fundraising
  • Working with design team on creation of marketing materials including program booklets and brochures, sponsorship packets, website and social media updates, short films, and other relevant activities
  • Working closely with RISE leadership and staff to develop strong brand strategy that ensures consistency across various platforms
  • Managing marketing-related communications with relevant stakeholders, including ensuring all RISE fellows and partners are aware of RISE marketing and brand strategy, ensuring cohesiveness between RISE and partner organizations in marketing communications, etc.
  • Developing relationships with appropriate media outlets to ensure RISE activities are communicated on a regular basis and compelling success stories of social enterprises making a positive impact in Egypt are being covered by external media
  • Working with the RISE Social Media Associate to ensure coverage is communicated back to RISE stakeholders through traditional and non-traditional channels
  • Working with the RISE M&E/Impact Manager to ensure relevant coverage is included in RISE annual report

Social Media Associate

The Social Media Associate will be our social media presence guru, working closely with the Marketing Manager to execute a strategy that enables us to reach a greater number of our target audiences while telling our stories online through word and visuals.

  • Must be adept at using social media platforms at a business level, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and other relevant social media tools 

Specific responsibilities for the position include:

  • Handling social media coverage of all RISE events plus partner events that we want to communicate to a RISE audience
  • Working with Marketing Manager to develop and implement social media strategy to ensure that RISE is reaching and growing its target audiences, keeping them informed and engaged of work that is happening on the ground in Egypt

Sustainability Associate

The Sustainability Associate will be key to sourcing and managing grants and events to ensure the organization continues on a path of financial sustainability over the coming years.

The Sustainability Associate should have the following qualities, skills and abilities:

    • Think creatively about new pathways for financial sustainability to include in current plan
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • Be a strong team player and believe strongly in the mission of RISE Egypt

    Specific responsibilities for the position include:

    • Ensure targets are met for financial sustainability of the organization by working with RISE President and the internal RISE Sustainability Working Group (SWG)
    • Sourcing and managing new grants
    • Helping manage fundraising events, including helping to source donations of food, space, professional time, and auction items