RISE Egypt is hiring

RISE Egypt is hiring for several key positions. We are looking for qualified, dynamic, thoughtful leaders willing to roll up his/her sleeves to work with our small but growing team. 

RISE supports entrepreneurship for development in Egypt, leveraging a global network of domain experts, researchers, and investors to deliver high quality technical assistance to growth-stage social entrepreneurs in Egypt. RISE also promotes collaboration across sectors and facilitates important conversations between stakeholders in the private sector, civil society, and policy-making communities about the roles of impact investing, public-private partnerships, and research in accelerating development. We do this through several programs: 

  • Fellowship Program - a two year deep-dive experience to build the capacity of growth stage social enterprises.
  • Solutions Summits - launched in 2017, these annual gatherings bring leading stakeholders in key development sectors together to share the latest research and best practices, and to co-create multi-year 'Collaboratives'.
  • Collaboratives - self-governed and serving the broader ecosystem, Collaboratives create shared knowledge, resources, and tools for synergistic engagement of the social impact space.
  • Global Ambassadors Program - leverages diaspora leaders around the world to organize local events and global knowledge networks that connect back to our programming on the ground.
  • Consulting - meeting the needs of social enterprises, foundations, and CSRs that require short term, 1:1 training and capacity-building in areas such M&E, social impact metrics, program evaluations, business model transformations for scaling up and organizational change management.

RISE Egypt values passion, integrity, excellence, respect and collaboration. When hiring, we put these values front and center.

We invite you to consider the open positions below and apply to join our team if you believe you are the right fit! Applicants should send a cover letter and CV to [email protected] with the name of the position in the subject line.

All positions will be based at our office in downtown Cairo.

Director of Education Research


The Director for Education Research will be responsible for managing the strategy and implementation of all research, consultancies, and programs run in the education space within RISE Egypt.

Responsibilities for the position include:

  • Overseeing the Educate Me impact evaluation (longitudinal study)
  • Overseeing M&E consultancies with education social enterprises and foundations
  • Expanding and connecting high-level networks within the education space, both within Egypt and globally, in order to strengthen the RISE education global knowledge network, which will serve cross-cutting programs
  • Identifying key research gaps and creating opportunities to fill them, especially those that particularly serve larger groups of education innovators to scale and make greater impact
  • Identifying and pursuing opportunities for fundraising to support work in RISE’s education division
  • Managing a small team of researchers and consultants

An ideal candidate will have:

  • Minimum 10+ years experience in education research post-Masters degree; PhD preferred
  • Strong research skills and the ability to oversee data analyses (e.g. Stata output)
  • Experience overseeing field work for primary data collection a plus
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Creativity and an ability to develop strategic plans
  • Strong time management skills and an ability to oversee multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with internal and external stakeholders
  • Experience effectively managing people, projects, and time

Senior Manager for Community Engagement


The Community Manager will be responsible for creating systems to manage and engage a large and growing network of experts, investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and policy-shapers to benefit all RISE programs.

Responsibilities for the position include:

  • Organizing our current global network into sub-communities by geography and sector, and creating cohesive sub-communities that can connect to current and emerging programming
  • Facilitating online and offline engagements for sub-communities to engage more deeply
  • Making connections between individuals within the community who may benefit from one another professionally and/or to facilitate collaborations;
  • Engaging in external meetings and conferences as required to build and maintain community presence and connections

An ideal candidate will have:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • An ability to create cohesion within sub-communities and effectively direct the talent and brain trust of our global network to create impact through engagement with programs on the ground in Egypt;
  • An ability to creatively think about opportunities for engaging our global network including through ecosystem partnerships to create a multiplier impact effect;
  • A dynamic personality, able to engage senior level professionals as well as younger network members who collectively have wide ranging experiences and resources to share;
  • A deep understanding of both entrepreneurship and development work, with an ability to easily make connections between various people, programs and resources;
  • Previous experience having managed similar communities;
  • Experience using Salesforce for tracking and reporting progress for community engagement.

Information Technology (IT) Associate

Part-time 15-20 hrs/wk

The IT Associate will be responsible for managing all technology platforms within the organization, and will the main point of contact for the team when it comes to IT systems management and troubleshooting.

Responsibilities for the position include:

  • Managing RISE website (e.g. technical support to update content, add new landing pages, implement backend integration with other software)
  • Working with the team to explore new IT tools to support our activities (e.g. community engagement tools and online portal integration tools)
  • Developing IT systems to support internal processes (e.g. project management, HR)
  • E-newsletter technical support
  • Managing technology needs at RISE events

An ideal candidate will have:

  • Solid experience using Salesforce (database management), Squarespace (website management), and Mailchimp (listserv management)
  • Ability to learn and integrate additional IT software for community management, marketing, and survey integration, such as MUUT, SurveyMonkey, and Zapier
  • Demonstrated experience in developing internal IT systems
  • Strong organizational skills to take on multiple projects and tasks in a timely and efficient manner

Social Media Associate

Part-time 10-15 hrs/wk

The Social Media Associate will be our social media presence guru, working closely with the Marketing Manager to execute a strategy that enables us to reach a greater number of our target audiences while telling our stories online through word and visuals.

Responsibilities for the position include:

  • Handling social media coverage of all RISE events plus partner events that we want to communicate to a RISE audience
  • Working with Marketing Manager to develop and implement social media strategy to ensure that RISE is reaching and growing its target audiences, keeping them informed and engaged of work that is happening on the ground in Egypt

The candidate must:

  • Be adept at using social media platforms at a business level, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and other relevant social media tools 

Office Manager / Administrative Assistant

Part-time, 10-15 hrs/wk

The Office Manager / Administrative Assistant will be responsible for making sure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed both in the office and with administrative support for programs.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Making sure all office stock is procured and maintained
  • Coordinating meetings and taking/distributing notes as needed
  • Ensuring offline and online files are maintained and in order
  • Supporting program and research activities with administrative tasks including coordination of calls, meetings, notes, and communications with team members and external partners

The ideal candidate will be:

  • Extremely detail-oriented
  • Efficient and able to manage multiple tasks for the office and various projects
  • Energetic and self-driven; able to work both independently and with the team
  • Interested in the entrepreneurship and development space