RISE Collaboratives

In November 2017, RISE Egypt launched the first of a series of Solutions Summits to create systems changes by serving as a platform for action toward sector-based Collaboratives.

RISE Collaboratives take a multi-stakeholder approach to supporting the evidence-based scale-up of social innovations across sectors, particularly those addressing the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The focus of the 1st Annual RISE Solutions Summit, held on November 29-30, 2017 at the Townhouse Gallery in downtown Cairo, was Evidence-Based Innovation & Investment in Education. The objective was to inspire collaboration towards evidence-based innovation and investment for education through sharing knowledge, creating dialogue, and growing tangible opportunities for impact. 

Over 100 individuals representing a select group of education entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, experts and capacity-building organizations convened in a one-of- a-kind, hands on experience to collaborate on an agenda to push evidence-based education innovation and investment forward in Egypt.

1st RISE Solutions Summit 2017

Learn more from the detailed program, post-Summit report, video, and event pictures below.

RISE 2017 Solutions Summit Program | Download pdf
Post Solutions Summit Report | Download pdf

For full photo galleries from the summit:
Day 1 | Gallery 1  Gallery 2
Day 2 | Gallery 1  Gallery 2

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Launching LEEP for Collaborative Impact

Spinning out of our 1st RISE Solutions Summit was a collaborative idea to digitize a map of the social innovation ecosystem and link this map to a digital library of resources and online/offline engagement platform.

RISE Egypt spent 2018 validating this idea, engaging in consultations with local and global learning partners, and finally secured funding from the Drosos Foundation to pilot what we are calling the LEEP (Library and Ecosystem Engagement Platform) for Collaborative Impact Project. You can learn more about LEEP and it’s goals in the video below.

To build LEEP, a community engagement team will work on identifying and listening to the experiences and pain points of social innovators across Egypt. This offline engagement and first-hand feedback will inform development of the online platform as well as organization of relevant resources for trainings and the library. We will then gather social innovators with other key stakeholders at a 2nd RISE Solutions Summit which will take place by end of year or early 2020.

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