Past Team Members


Noha Soliman
Operations Manager
(a.k.a. Gets It Done Director)

Noha Soliman is a veteran events and marketing manager.  Prior to joining RISE Egypt, she served as Marketing Manager at First Republic Bank managing the launch of new products as well as planning several annual galas and corporate events.  She has also coordinated events domestically and internationally for corporations such as Discovery Communications, The Fairchild Corporation and the Hart Speech Foundation.  Noha holds a Bachelor’s in Communications from the University of Maryland. She’s the mother of two boys and is dedicated to teaching them Arabic and learning about their Egyptian heritage.


Habi Girgis
Creative Director
(a.k.a. Magician)

Habi is a graphic designer & cofounder of Tandem Design Studio. Relying on his extensive professional experience in branding and art education, Habi founded Tandem in 2014, a Cairo based design studio, specialising in branding and design services. Having a passion for art and global culture, Habi gathered his cultural and professional experience from different places around the world. After graduating in 2002, Habi worked at the Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy. He worked for Y&R Cairo, then moved to Y&R San Francisco. In 2007, he decided to return back to Cairo where he worked as a Creative Director for Icon, one of the emerging branding agencies in Egypt. Habi Studied Painting and Art History at The Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo.