Our Values

We believe we must invest in ourselves first and lead by example.

We believe that excellence is a process, not just an outcome.

We believe technology should be used to catalyze human connectivity, not to replace it.

We believe in having fun. For a community to flourish, its members must feel nourished.

We believe the strongest communities are based on real human connections.

We believe that by bringing together sharp minds and open hearts, we can transform Egypt.

 Our Symbol

  The Wand of Seshat

The source of all creative ideas and consciousness

Seshat is the Goddess of the art of writing and stands for learning and inspiration. She is the feminine consort,  wife & child of Thoth the Scribe, he who wrote the story of humanity’s journey through time. She is a magician - her magic wand, with its seven pointed star, was the symbol which represented the source of all creative ideas and consciousness.