Recyclobekia | Expanding the scope

Recyclobekia started in 2011 with 20 college students having a dream of building their own business - one that could change their lives and their dear country. Due to their engineering background, they seized an opportunity in the recycling business of electronic waste. Although you don’t see the damage e-waste can do the environment, it is actually the 2nd most dangerous waste after nuclear. We found that his was an untapped area and someone has to do something to keep the danger out and the benefits in.

In 4 years of Recyclobekia's lifetime, it went through many stages, from big aspirations to crushed dreams. Despite all the challenges, Recyclobekia managed to struggle, survive, and finally grow to be the 1st e-waste recycling company in Egypt and one of the big players of the industry in the MENA region with the help of its valuable partner named Dynamic recycling, one of the top four e-waste recycling companies in USA. After nearly 5 months of cooperation, a deal struck between Recyclobekia and Dynamic proved to be of great value for both companies as it provided great financial stability to Recyclobekia as well as stable supply to Dynamic, with Recyclobekia forming a big chunk of the American giant's supply. As a result, the two companies signed a contract of exclusivity in the Middle East and Africa which means Recyclobekia would be the only collector of electronic waste for Dynamic recycling in the region.

Because of its growth, Recyclobekia is now developing its operations to expand and absorb even more of the Egyptian and regional market through moving into bigger and more efficient working space that could provide maximum efficiency to the Egyptian company.

Speaking of expanding the scope, Recyclobekia is not only expanding its operations locally and regionally in the e-waste field but starting a brand new recycling business as well. The new and emerging field of catalytic converters has drawn the company's attention with its niche market and great value. Therefore Recyclobekia is now starting the collection in the Egyptian market as it is testing the opportunity with great ambition.