RecycloBekia is an electronic waste recycling company based in Egypt and serving the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. They are the first company in the Arab world offering green recycling of electronic waste and safe data destruction services.

RecyloBekia's mission | Provide ‘green’ recycling for e-waste in Egypt and the rest of the MENA region.


RecycloBekia started when a group of young engineers from Tanta University decided to submit an idea to Injaz’s business plan competition for start-up ideas in 2011. After their idea won 1st place in the competition, they decided to invest their award/seed funds in starting the company, which was initially housed in the Moustafa’s garage in Tanta.

Facts, figures & impact

According to the Population Reference Bureau, approximately 40 million metric tons of electronic waste (e-waste) is produced globally each year.

Particularly In the developing world, e-waste is handled by the informal sector. Untrained individuals who separate precious metals,  such as gold,  from the waste and burn the remains. Exposure to lead and other toxic metals during this process is hazardous to human health, and burning of e-waste material causes significant negative impacts on the environment.

  • Since it was founded, RecycloBekia has recycled more than 1500 tons of electronic waste.
  • RecycloBekia serves more than 45 national and multinational companies, by collecting and safely recycling their old computers, phones and other e-waste.
  • As the first safe, “green” e-waste recycling company in Egypt, RecycloBekia partners with refineries in Germany and the US to ensure hazardous materials are dealt with in an environmentally friendly way.
  • By preventing the mishandling and combustion of e-waste RecycloBekia provides jobs and profit, and enables positive impact on human health and the environment.

The RISE effect

To support RecycloBekia’s work, RISE has:

1. Leveraged a partnership with Cornell University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EII) Program to attract an experienced Executive MBA to help RecycloBekia improve operations efficiency as well as accounting and project management systems.

2. Facilitated access to business development opportunities and learning the latest innovations in waste management and recycling by sponsoring RecycloBekia’s travel to Waste Expo, the largest trade show in this sector in North America.

3. Made tailored connections to experienced advisors in the area of management and gave guidance on the scale-up and expansion of their work in the region.

4. Attracted pro-bono technology services to build out a platform for managing expanding regional operations.

"RISE as a community has supported us through our entrepreneurial roller coaster journey by providing all the emotional and technical help needed at the right time. "

- Metwaly Magdy | Co-founder of RecycloBekia; RISE Fellow

"The future of  Egypt's economy will not be predicated on the industries of today, but on the innovations and entrepreneurship of its growing young population. What RISE has been successful at doing is providing resources and support that allow start-ups such as Recylobekia, an electronic waste company founded by Egyptian students, to succeed in the global market. Their success will create economic diversification, which can reduce Egypt's economic volatility and increase its real activity. The value that RISE brings to Egypt is transformational and should be replicated on the continent of Africa. "

- Charles Cooper | Executive MBA Candidate, Cornell Johnson School of Business-Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program; RISE Advisor to RecycloBekia

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