Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting groups large and small through our global outreach.

‘Why RISE?’ gives insights and clarity to common questions raised in these meetings. We look forward to continuing our conversations with you and learning more about your hopes, dreams, aspirations, and concerns for Egypt.

Question 1

The political future of Egypt is so uncertain. How will RISE navigate through this?
We acknowledge that Egypt is going through tumultuous times. Our view is that it will take years for the political landscape to settle, but in the meantime people are living, breathing, and at times suffering through lack of solutions to the country’s challenges. We maintain our optimism that Egypt will make it through this uncertain period, especially when we see the continuous efforts of individuals who are working day in and day out, rolling up their sleeves and getting to work on addressing these formidable challenges. By forming organizations and businesses that address areas like energy, waste, health, education, cultural preservation and more, these entrepreneurs are strengthening their communities and creating a path for a better tomorrow. We believe it is our role and indeed our responsibility to organize as a global community - with the wealth of resources available to us - to support these efforts. Join RISE and become inspired by what we are seeing unfold on the ground. There is a budding and growing landscape of entrepreneurs who are bright, innovative, and committed. Join our global network and be a part of the change!

Question 2

How is RISE doing things differently? Why do you believe you can make a difference?
RISE is the only organization that we are aware of that is working on a full-time professional basis to link research and practice in the development space to innovators on the ground by harnessing the intellectual and social capital of Egyptians and their networks worldwide. We do not believe that this is a completely novel approach; others have done this for other countries with much success (e.g. India). We as Egyptians, however, have not yet successfully leveraged our global talent and networks to make impact for Egypt. We aim to drive development in Egypt by directing our immense global resources toward supporting entrepreneurs in Egypt through our model of a “Think and Do Tank,” linking global best practices to innovations on the ground.

Question 3

What types of opportunities will I have to engage with the social entrepreneurs in Egypt?
By joining our global network, you will be a resource for social entrepreneurs who are solving some of the country’s most vexing challenges. We will tap into this network as needed to directly support these innovators through mentorship, technical and professional capacity-building, and by making linkages to companies, organizations, universities and individuals who can provide critical insights and learning to our entrepreneurs. There will also be other opportunities to directly see the work that our entrepreneurs are doing by participating in RISE Tours, which we plan to launch in 2017. Through RISE Tours, we will make Egypt a destination for innovation, and highlight the progress of work happening on the ground.

Question 4

How can I track the progress of RISE entrepreneurs and stay informed on a regular basis?
By joining our global network, you will gain access to our newsletters, periodic webinars, and community events that will spotlight the work of our entrepreneurs and give you the chance to interact with them virtually and in-person over the course of the fellowship program. Through our Global Ambassadors Program, we are also launching local events (e.g. Global Town Halls) to leverage the immense brain trust that we are organizing through our network, harnessing ideas that may contribute to solutions at both the policy level and on the ground directly with social entrepreneurs innovating in their fields. 

Question 5

How is RISE organized? Are you a governmental organization?
RISE Egypt is a non-governmental organization registered as a 501c3 nonprofit in the state of Massachusetts in the U.S. Our mandate is to build the capacity of social entrepreneurs in Egypt through targeted and tailored professional knowledge exchange. We do not provide direct funding to our entrepreneurs (although we do connect them with investors in their area of expertise and work with them to more effectively attract funding). We leverage a lean professional staff, pro-bono consultants, and a growing global network of thousands of professionals who are committed to delivering our services and value at the highest level of excellence.

If you have other ‘Why RISE?’ questions that you’d like answered, please feel free to email them to info@riseegypt.org or post them on our Facebook page, and we will get back to you with answers as soon as possible!