RISE Global Ambassadors Program

RISE Egypt’s Global Ambassadors Program leverages leaders, like you, to organize networks in their local communities, making connections to opportunities and events, and contributing ideas to the larger story and strategy of RISE.

Who are RISE Global Ambassadors?

RISE Ambassadors are respected professionals who are living in cities around the world with high concentrations of Egyptians and/or in communities deeply rooted in entrepreneurship or global development.

RISE Ambassadors are passionate about giving back to Egypt, but in a more strategic way. They understand the concepts of entrepreneurship and global development and are keen to spread the word about how we can collectively leverage our talent and networks to invest in entrepreneurship for development in Egypt. They are excited about working with an organization that is professional in this space, and will gain access to unique intellectual resources and professional networks through our community of global partners.

RISE Ambassadors are motivated self-starters who are reliable, honest, and resourceful. They have deep work experience in their field and are willing to share their expertise with others and connect RISE, and the entrepreneurs with whom we work, to people and resources that may be of use in our mission. 

What the program means for you and RISE?

As RISE Egypt celebrates its 3rd birthday in August 2016, it is at a critical inflection point in its growth and development as an organization. In its start-up years, RISE quickly built relationships with top universities, think-tanks, and high-impact professionals who fast-tracked RISE’s exposure on the global stage, securing engagements at top venues including Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, the American University in Cairo, the Middle East Institute, the MIT Enterprise Pan Arab Forum, the Arab Banker’s Association of North America, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

At its current juncture, we are looking to take our work to the next level. To do that, we realized we need to ‘go local, to be global’

We are excited to launch the Global Ambassadors Program to build strong connections to local communities the world over. We look forward to bringing diverse and resource-rich communities together for dynamic, thoughtful, and progressive events focused on how we may further our mission to make impact in Egypt and to make impact for our global community-at-large.

RISE Ambassadors agree to:

Be positive spokespeople for the RISE mission in their local communities, communicating opportunities to make impact in Egypt, from right where they are.

Connect promising professionals from their community to opportunities related to the RISE mission. By attracting talent into our community, we build a stronger foundation from which to work together toward common goals.

Help organize local events to connect their community to global events by RISE and partners, catalyzing human connections and leveraging local ideas for global good.

Make a 1-year (renewable) commitment to being a RISE Ambassador, to cement the flow of fresh ideas and energy in our global community.

RISE Ambassadors benefit from:

Connections to other RISE Ambassadors through the global program, expanding access to a high-impact network of professionals and global institutional partners, and deepening relationships that can last a life time.

Access to invite-only events for Ambassadors, capitalizing on global platforms for personal, professional, and organizational growth. Our first event will be the launch meeting, to take place on the sidelines of Harvard Arab Weekend, November 10-13, 2016 - in Cambridge, MA.

VIP Access at the 1st RISE Global Forum. An opportunity to get the inside scoop at our first global community event and be a co-creater in our future together. Tentative date: June 2018.

Discounts at all RISE events for 2 years, as an ongoing thank you for the postive difference you have made.

How can I become a RISE Global Ambassador?

Applying to become a RISE Global Ambassadors is simple. All you need to do is fill out the global network form below and indicate your interest in becoming an Ambassador.

Within one week, you will get an email from a member of our team to schedule a phone call. We would love to hear your ideas about how we can expand and deepen the links between your network and the RISE global community, and we would love to explore further how the RISE global network can benefit your community. We look forward to hearing from you!