RISE is a new kind of organization – one that believes in the capacity, creativity, and ingenuity of Egyptians, and those who love Egypt, to unleash innovative solutions to the country’s biggest development challenges.

What is RISE?

Global Nonprofit
RISE is a global nonprofit that is leveraging its network of top experts, investors, and researchers to accelerate entrepreneurship for development in Egypt. 

Think and Do Tank
RISE is a "Think and Do Tank" that links capacity-building for growth stage social enterprises with world class research to enable an evidence-based scale-up of its portfolio companies.

Promotes Collaboration
RISE promotes collaboration across sectors and facilitates important conversations between stakeholders in the private sector, civil society, and policymaking communities about the roles of impact investing, public-private partnerships, and research in accelerating development. 

We are inspired by what’s possible today, motivated by what’s needed for tomorrow, and united by a love for Egypt.


Smart and passionate, these entrepreneurs are making waves and creating jobs in areas of impact for Egypt.

These committed individuals prove that smart organizations can get things done while having fun.

Catch up on our latest news and dig deeper into what drives our work and keeps us up at night.


Show your support for Egyptian innovators by building a one-of-a-kind organization dedicated to bringing the best talent and resources the world has to offer to some of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs in Egypt!  

We invite you to become a member and take the lead in supporting and growing Egyptian innovation.

Let us know about your professional expertise and in what capacity you would like to work directly with us and the RISE Entrepreneurs.

  • RISE is a unique 'Think and Do Tank' dedicated to nurturing social entrepreneurs and promoting economic development and well-being in Egypt. RISE represents an exciting model of how global talent can be harnessed to create value and disseminate evidence-based programs.
    — Ichiro Kawachi, Professor of Social Epidemiology and Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Harvard School of Public Health
  • To be amongst the Egyptian social entrepreneurs in pursuit of their passions and commitment to serve all Egyptians is UP-rising! I am refueled and determined that as an Egyptian-American we must invest in RISE that supports innovators that are committed to a better, stronger Egypt for all Egyptians.
    — Lobna "Luby" Ismail, President, Connecting Cultures; RISE Fellowship Advisor
  • RISE Egypt is bringing passion, energy, and innovative thinking to addressing the need for economic development and job creation in Egypt. With such an impressive team, they are bound to succeed.
    — Kate Seelye, Senior Vice President, Middle East Institute